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Cucumbers Bushels of Healthy Benefits with Little Effort

Cucumbers may very well produce more than any other crop on the market. Only a few plants can generate bushel after bushel of produce while crops large enough to be fertilized with industrial equipment from will offer up countless truckloads. Though cucumbers may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, they're actually highly beneficial.

Healthy Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumbers consist of mainly water, so they're extremely filling. This alone can help with weight loss efforts. Despite their satisfying bulk, they only contain about 16 calories per cup and absolutely no fat. Aside from that, they're packed full of fiber, potassium and vitamin C, so they help ward off illnesses and muscle cramps. Though many people prefer to remove the seeds before eating, those actually hold many of the health benefits.


Growing Cucumbers

Aside from needing plenty of sunlight and water, cucumbers are fairly easy to grow. They're available in both bush and running varieties. While the former generally needs stakes for support, the latter is best served by chain link fencing or chicken wire for running. Since plants spread, leave at least a foot in between seed groups when planting. Water often and use mulch and fertilizer. Keep the area clear of weeds as well.

Using up the Surplus

With only a few cucumber plants, you're going to get quite the yield. You'll find yourself peeling, slicing, dicing, munching, sweet pickling and dill pickling till the cows come home. Despite all this, you'll probably still be giving baskets full to visitors, neighbors and even begging complete strangers to take some. Many inexperienced cucumber growers are actually surprised at just how much of a crop comes in.

Additional Cucumber Advice

In some cases, cucumbers can take on an unpleasant flavor. It's a bit like you might imagine hand sanitizer would taste. To avoid this, be sure to give your cucumbers plenty of water and nutrition during the growing process. Also avoid planting them in close proximity to tomatoes or pepper. Some insist this is an old wive's tale, but something about these particular veggies seems to enhance the bitterness.

Cucumbers are extremely healthy veggies with a lovely crunch and refreshing flavor as long as they're cared for properly. They're also extremely versatile. If you're planning on growing a sizable crop, fertilizing equipment from would certainly come in handy, but typical growths only require a few standard nutrients.